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The Diode Laser Module is a ready-to-use, single mode, fibre coupled, CW laser pump modul with FBG stabilized wavelength at 975 nm. The module is temperature stabilized and comes with a FC/APC connector at the front side. The unit can be accessed by the included control software via USB port.

The Diode Laser Modul is also available with other wavelengths and output power values. Please ask for your preferred parameter configuration.

Diode Laser Module

Diode Laser Module

Diode Laser Module

• DL-975-250

  • Laser emission wavelength: 976±1nm
  • Spectral width: 0.5nm/li>
  • Output power: 250mW
  • Spectral shift: 20pm/K
  • Power variation over 24h: 1.2%
  • Connector: FC/APC
  • Software control
  • Data sheet (pdf)
  • Price: 2,980.- Euro
  • Order form

Diode Laser Module GUI