Terahertz kit

Kit for setting up your own THz time-domain spectrometer

If you are familiar with the principles of THz time-domain spectrometers and have a fs laser you may choose a THz kit to build your own system. BATOP will provide you with the software, the signal generator, the data acquisition unit, the time delay stage and the THz antennas. We can also give you advice on the necessary parts to build the THz spectrometer yourself. The linear time delay stage and the data acquisition system are controlled using the T3DS software package that is included on a USB flash drive or can be installed on a separate laptop.

We provide spectrometers for pulse lasers with 780 nm, 1060 nm and 1560 nm wavelength with the following parameters:

  • Pulse duration: ~ 100 fs
  • Repetition rate: 50 - 100 MHz
  • Average optical power: 30 mW (free space antennas), 40 mW (fiber coupled antennas)

Please note that the THz specifications strongly depend on the laser wavelength, chosen antenna type and proper alignment/set up of the whole system by the customer.

The THz kit consists of the following parts:
  • Electronic box containing pulse generator and lock-in detection.
  • THz antennas with collimating TPX lenses.
  • Delay stage with 650 ps time delay.
  • Spectrometer software package T3DS on a USB flash drive, which enables the measurement of the THz pulse, calculates in-situ the THz spectrum, manages the data storage and can be used to determine sample parameters like complex refractive index.
  • THz kit with free space antennas:          22,176.- €
  • THz kit with fiber coupled antennas:       26,432.- €

fiber coupled THz spectrometer

THz kit

Additional information

Please note that all fiber coupled antennas require proper dispersion compensation. If you have any questions or need advice on how to handle this issue feel free to contact us.

Pulse stretcher PS800 / PS1000 for 800 nm or 1000 nm wavelength: 3,900.- € (with two transmission gratings).

The spectrometer software package T3DS can be delivered pre-installed on a state of the art laptop for an additional price of 1,546.- €.

The options available for the benchtop spectrometer TDS10XX can also be ordered for the THz kit.

Instruction manuals

fiber coupled THz spectrometer

Data acqusition systems with BNC ports for emitter and detector antenna